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We don’t just deliver code, we solve problems. We make online software & mobile apps that grow your business. We are a human-sized and down to earth team, bitten by technology and business.

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Here is how we will make your project a success...

We Deliver Value

We deliver more than just code. We use our business background to create real value, grow your profit, save your time and cut your costs. Read more.

Web Software & Mobile Apps

We believe in online software, mobile apps and cloud based solutions that fit your needs. Our business is to boost yours with new technology. More.

Cristal Clear Communication

We go for continious and transparent communication. We call weekly during your project to make sure everyone is aligned. Straight and open. Read more

RoR, iOS & RubyMotion

We only do Ruby on Rails, Ruby, iOS, RubyMotion and Android projects. We specialize, so we really excel in what we do. Read more

Those clients trust us...


What others say about us...

"We are very happy with the solution they created for us. They really try to solve our problem as if it was theirs. I would recommend them to anyone looking to build online software."

R. Defrancq, Hogeschool Gent

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you because your software made it so much easier and more efficient for us. You are stars."

G. Powell-Evans, IdeasUnlimited

"Zorros goes for a long term relationship with their clients. There is a dedicated and no nonsense approach, which is really appreciated."

G. Valckenier, RENAULT Valckenier

Our technical expertise...

We prefer to work with Ruby, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android and Rubymotion. Since we specialize, we excel at what we do.

You will directly work with senior developers and the founders, who will listen to your needs and propose the best possible solution. You tap into years of expertise, saving everyone costly mistakes, unpleasant surprises and eliminating any project risk. If you ever hired a 16 year old student for your critical business software, you know what we talk about.

We code very clean, test driven, pragmatic and agile. We follow well known development patterns and deliver easy and straightforward code, so that your project can be easily understood and continued on by other developers (e.g. your internal team).


We have a human face...

We are a small team. We don’t deliver an army of consultants. We are human-sized and down to earth, which results into a lot of flexibility, a good relationship with our clients, and a friendly and human working environment. You will talk directly to and work with the company founders.

We hate bureaucracy, overkill and waste. That's why we don't wear suits or queue in traffic jam in order to drive to our office - purely "pro forma". Instead, 80% of our work is done from home. It's 2019. Please read the book "Remote, office not required" to understand why.

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