What we do

We build Cloud Software, Mobile Apps & SaaS

We strongly believe in the future of online software (cloud software), mobile apps and SaaS. Every day we see new opportunities to either lower business costs, save time, raise profit or even completely innovate businesses via these technologies. It's what we like most and what we are good at. We can build your project.

We can help you as well with everything that relates to cloud software, mobile apps and SaaS: hosting, security, increasing conversion rates, software usability, API's, test coverage, preformance testing, SaaS idea extraction, and the list goes on. Get in touch if you have a question.

Training and Consultancy for less risk & a fast learning curve

Sure, hiring a consultant has a cost. But huge mistakes through ignorance (technical or business wise) will cost you 100 times more. Want to build your own app, SaaS, idea or cloud software? Then it is wise to to reduce all risk, avoid costly mistakes, and start immediately in the right direction. Tap directly into our expertise.

Technical consultancy:
Ruby on Rails, iOS, Rubymotion, Android, Ruby, TDD, BDD, API's.

Business consultancy:
We succesfully bootstrapped SaaS products generating 5K - 20K of MRR, so we can help with how to bootstrapp your SaaS, how to increase conversions, how to optimize your business processes via cloud and mobile, inbound marketing and everything related.

RoR, Ruby, iOS, Android and RubyMotion Development

We lazer focus on the following technology stack: RoR, Ruby, iOS, Android and RubyMotion. Because of our strong focus, we are experts. It's impossible to do every technology, and at the same time be good at what you do. We know these frameworks inside out.

Business wise, this means that working with us in these technologies means you will work with experts, saving you lots of time and money. We have used these technologies heavily over the past couple of years for 100+ projects. We deliver clean, well tested and future proof code that can easily be continued on by others.

Functional & technical analysis, MVPs & POCs

Sometimes it helps when a 3rd party analyses your functional or business requirements. Or you know what you want, but you are not sure if it's even possible, or what the cost would be. Or what about a 3rd party advice on your own developers code? We are used to all of this.

We also have built a lot of MPVs and POCs. An MVP (Minimum Viable Broduct) is a very basic version of your "idea" that will allow you to test your product/idea before spending a big investment. In case you have a very complex / big project, a POC (proof of concept) might help. This is a small prototype that creates technical evidence that your project is even possible. An MVP or POC will cost much less than the definitive project, and are done before "big money" is invested into a project. It's a wise strategy to lower investment risk.

Our principles

Solving Problems
We understand and solve concrete problems.
Reduce risk
We hate project failures as much as you do.
Clean code
Other developers can easily collaborate and continue the project.
Agile and lean
We hate overhead, waste and over-planning.
Keep it simple
The most simple solution is the best one. The less you have, the less you have to.
Down to earth
We talk human and basic language. We don't wear suits or sit on expensive desks.
Open communication
We talk straight. We love it when people tell it like it is.

Get in touch, we reply within 24h →

Facts and figures

40+ years of experience
Combined, we have over 40 years of software and development experience.
100+ projects
We have built over 100 software projects and mobile apps all together.
+10.000 hours saved
We roughly estimate that our software has saved our clients over 10.000 hours of labour, and counting!
20K - 100K
80% of our projects cost between 20K and 100K.
+100.000 users
Some of our applications have been used by over 100K users.
Active since 2009
We have been developing mobile apps and online software since late 2009.

Technologies we use

What our clients say about us.

"We are very happy with the solution they created for us. They really try to solve our problem as if it was theirs. I would recommend them to anyone looking to build online software."

R. Defrancq, Hogeschool Gent

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you because your software made it so much easier and more efficient for us. You are stars."

G. Powell-Evans, IdeasUnlimited

"Zorros goes for a long term relationship with their clients. There is a dedicated and no nonsense approach, which is really appreciated."

G. Valckenier, RENAULT Valckenier